The Anatomy of a Hardworking Laundry Room

I’m finishing off my month of talking about “transition” spaces with a pretty laundry room designed by Kriste Michelini.  Laundry rooms are places where you spend small chunks of time all throughout the week.  Even though you aren’t hanging out in the room for pleasure (well, some of you may find joy in doing laundry) it needs to be a place that functions especially well, so you spend less time doing laundry and more time enjoying your favorite places in your house.

I think this particular laundry room is a perfect example of a laundry room that looks great and functions well.  And, it would look great with lots of different styles…I can imagine it working in a traditional, transitional, contemporary, even a mid-century house.

the-anatomy-of-a-hardworking-laundry-room copyLAYERS
If you’re going to spend time in a room for laundry make it a place you don’t mind working.  Simple details like ample (and pretty) lighting and interesting accessories really elevate this hardworking room into a hardworking & enjoyable room.  Add smile-inducing music, art, candles and accessories.

I really, really love a nice bright white room to do laundry…it just makes sense to my decorating brain.  But, whatever color you choose, keep the laundry room simple by using variations of that one color throughout the entire space.  The continuity a single color provides is very pleasing to the eye, will look great for a long period of time, and will be easier to maintain than a mix of colors.

The best way to make your laundry room look organized and simple and clean is to hide all the bright bottles of detergent and cleaning supplies behind closed doors.

Don’t you love that the metallic finish on the washer and dryer match the cabinet door hardware?  The brushed silver finish on the appliances, door hardware and even on the jar lids is a small detail that goes a long way to making this room feel finished and unified.

Laundry rooms are one of the hardest working rooms in a home, and so they should be composed of hardworking materials.  When you’re choosing materials for your laundry room consider their “cleanability” to extend the life of your laundry room design.

My personal laundry room is a sad little unfinished room in my basement…I should probably take my advice and add something that makes me smile when I walk in.  But, usually the thing that makes me the most happy is an EMPTY laundry room.  I’ll be back this week sharing some tips and tricks you can use no matter the size or style of your laundry room.

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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