The Anatomy of a Welcoming Front Porch

I’m deeming the month of May, “Make-a-Plan May.”  It’s the perfect month to make a plan to conquer your front porch, your backyard patio, your sun room…all those spaces you want ready to enjoy and entertain in throughout the rest of the summer. I’m starting off with a beautiful welcoming front porch by Rethink Design Studio.   I’ll spend the week talking about why it’s so welcoming, and then finish off the week showing you a real-life front porch and sharing tips to spruce up your own.  Glad you’re here!

theanatomyofacolorfulporch copyUNITY
Even though there are several styles of furniture (mid-century chairs and traditional urns) they all work in the space because they share the same neutral white color.  Unify your own hodge-podge of pieces the same way!

I love the strong x’s created by the lines in the porch railing.  And, I love the way the furniture carries that same motif subtly through the space. So, look for ways your architecture can influence your space.

Whether you’re creating a room indoor or out, you should look for ways to incorporate more than one light source…especially if you want to use the room in the evening. I love the sconces placed above the seating area, and at the entrance to the porch.

The saturated red, yellow and blue color palette is bold, but tempered with lots of white and grounded by the gray-green color on the walls and floor.  It’s a great way to have your bold color without overwhelming a small space.

The trio of pots placed on the front steps is such a pleasing grouping to the eye.  As you layer in accessories think about place them in odd numbers.

I’m just getting started sharing all the things I love about this fun front porch…see you back here tomorrow!

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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