A Welcoming Front Porch: A Real-life Example

After spending all week talking about a professionally designed front porch I wanted to share a real-life example.  My mother-in-law moved to the Midwest a few years ago, and has spent lots of time renovating a house that was outdated.  She started with a great blank slate and has turned it into a very welcoming home.

Here’s a little bit about her plan in her own words:

“My old house was red brick with black shutters and a black door and I used mostly red accent flowers. So with my new house I wanted to do something a little different so I painted my door and shutters a dark grey color I and decided that pink would flowers would be my accent! I decided if I was going to do it I was going to go all the way, so I only planned pink annuals and perennials. You can’t really tell how pink everything is yet because they’re not in bloom yet. I found the Adirondack chairs for 5 each a yard sale and painted them rose-pink. The cushions are from pier 1. I can’t wait until the pink roses and pink dailies bloom!”

Here’s what she started with:beforeAnd, the amazing after:afterHere are a few little details:frontdoorstraight



potdetails copyAnd, because she’s such a great gardener I wanted to include a few of her best tips:

  1. When planning my front garden, I start with green foundation plants.
  2. Then I add perennials. I try to vary the blooming time of my perennials that way I have color all season long. Perennials are so important to a successful garden since need less water than annuals and they save you money because you don’t need to replace flowers every year! One of my favorite things about perennials is that you can divide them and spread them around all your gardens. So choose perennials that you really like and you’ll be able to divide and share them for ever! A tip: buy root bare perennials at the end of the season and in the early season, it will save you so much money! Try to source root bare plants on-line at companies like Jackson and Perkins.
  3. I fill in with annuals that are hardy and easy to grow.The key to annuals is to keep to a color scheme and balance the color in the garden. So try to keep your plantings symmetrical.
  4. FERTILIZE! I use miracle grow every two weeks! You’ll plants will love you and you’ll have beautiful full plants and prolific blooms.
  5. Pots: You must buy new potting soil every year!  Old soil has been drained of all its nutrients and your plants will struggle all season just to try to get nutrients and will never really produce.
    I’ll be sharing my own plan for my garden and front porch next week…here’s a peek at last years.  Have a gorgeous weekend!
    500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy



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