Design is in the Details: How to Use Art & Accessories to Create A Casual Atmosphere

I love the relaxed nature of the Room of the Week.  It feels like a place an entire family could really use and enjoy.  Even though the design looks effortless, there are lots of details that I am sure were planned to give the room a casual atmosphere.   Here are my 6 tips, inspired by the Room of the Week, to create a casual atmosphere in any room.

howtousearttocreateacasualspace copyONE: Asymmetrically hung art
Rather than hanging a matching pair of paintings on either side of the window, the designer chose a mismatched pair, which instantly creates a casual vibe in the room.  They do, however,share the same shape, which helps them look like they were deliberately chosen for the space.

TWO: Mismatched Frames
I love matching frames in a large gallery wall, especially in a formal space, but in a small room like this, the mismatched frames helps each piece of art stand-out individually, and gives a collected and eclectic feeling to the room.

THREE: Leaning Art
I know leaning groups of art on the floor is not for every home, especially if your art is precious or priceless. However, you could lean art on a bookshelf, console table or even your mantle for a more informal feeling. Plus, layers of art can be very intriguing and a fun way to create moments of mystery and fun in a home.

FOUR: Coordinated (but not matching) pillows
None of the throw pillows in the room coordinate. In a more formal space you would try to use at least one pair of pillows, but in a more casual space less matchy is better. The consistent sizing of the pillows ties them together and keeps them from looking like an afterthought.

FIVE: Trays to catch clutter
In a casual room that is going to get lots of use, like this family room, add pretty design elements to catch the not-so-pretty clutter that will absolutely accumulate.

SIX: Scattered tables that can multi-task
The little pouf in the foreground is currently acting as a side-table, but could just as easily be a foot rest of extra seating (or pushed under the table and out of the way). And, the little stool in the back corner is also serving as a resting spot for some books, but could easily hold a drink or lamp. Multitasking furniture is so helpful in a small, busy space.

What details did I miss?  Do you have any tips for using art & accessories to create a casual atmosphere?500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy




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