Anatomy of a Room: A Naturally Pretty Spanish Bedroom

I love the month of June! End of school, beginning of summer, and thoughts of lazier days and traveling! We’re not planning any exotic vacations this summer, so I thought it would be fun to take a visual vacation on the blog this month. I’ll be spending each week in a different country, showing two different spaces and talking about beautiful design specific to that area. First up, a beautiful bedroom from Spain, found via Wave Avenue, and designed by architect Antonio Guzman (who I regretfully cannot find a website for). This pretty room is such a great example of using natural materials in really beautiful ways to create a simple, soft room.  And, don’t you think this would be such a lovely room to vacation in?!

theanatomyofanaturallprettybedroom copyFOCAL POINT
I think the bookcase headboard is a fantastic idea for adding storage and wow-factor at the same time.  Though, steer clear should you live in an earthquake prone area or with toddlers.  I love that the bookcase frees up the rest of the wall space…it would be nice to lie in the bed with all the clutter behind you and have a very peaceful view out the window, without being distracted by anything else.  The large scale of the bookcase makes it stand out in the room, but because of all the negative space within the bookcase it looks light and doesn’t overwhelm the bed.  If you’re looking to do something similar pay attention to the size of the bookcase (or any object you’re using as a headboard) in proportion to the wall and bed, and then fill the bookcase sparsely, so it doesn’t feel like the bookcase is looming over the bed.

I love the mix of white walls with the bold jewel-tone accessories – they complement each other so nicely.  Instead of saturating the walls and textiles and accessories with bold color, the white walls and white duvet act as a blank canvas supporting the rest of the decor.  If you’re looking for a bright summery feel in your bedroom, this formula is definitely for you!

I love the dark window frame in this room.  The contrast breaks up all the white and frames the view outside. If you have similar architectural elements or pretty views think about using contrast to highlight their pretty shape or interesting view.

I love all the pretty natural elements in the room that mix together to create a lovely eclectic space.  Natural linen, wool, wood, clay…even a tree!  When you use natural materials in their simplest forms they work together easily to create a simple, but sophisticated space.

The bold pattern rug works in this otherwise simple space because it suits the setting of the room.  When you’re adding large pieces to your own home, take cues from the location and style of your home to create a cohesive design.500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy


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