Housekeeping: My Backyard Patio

The weather was beautiful yesterday, so I had a chance to photograph my backyard patio…here’s what it looked like last year…mexican-tile-painting4I haven’t made too many changes…just working on filling in my garden and adding more accessories…here’s how it looks today.backyard1I saw these pot holders in a Crate & Barrel catalog, and knew they would be perfect to dress up my fence.  backyard2Here’s a wider shot..I really wish I could get rid of that giant (unused) propane tank, but since I just rent it has to stay.backyard7Someday I’ll actually get that stump cut, sanded, oiled and moved inside to my basement family room…but, it’s working well out here in the meantime.backyard9

backyard5I love see how the garden changes each day…by August all my plants (if everything goes as planned) should fill out all the holes.backyard8I decided to stick with a color palette of flowers in orange, yellow and magenta…they are such a bright spot in my largely shady garden.backyard3I still need to recover the cushion for my ottoman, but sewing is not my favorite, so i’ve been putting it off…it might get done by the end of the summer.backyard10

backyard4Thanks for stopping by my garden.  We have the best time hanging out in this little space.

Hope you have a great weekend!  We’re celebrating my little boy’s fourth birthday this weekend…such a fun age to celebrate.  Hope you have a fantastic weekend as well.

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4 thoughts on “Housekeeping: My Backyard Patio

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