The Anatomy of a Layered, Bright Swedish Home

Last week we looked at a gorgeous Spanish bedroom, and this week we are heading to Sweden.  I’ve always loved the beautiful light and bright Swedish homes I see online.  They have extreme weather and sunlight issues in that part of the world that have definitely affected (in a beautiful way) the aesthetics of their interior design.  White walls, white flooring, lack of window coverings, bright textiles all contribute to maximizing light during even the darkest winter days.

The Room of the Week is a pretty little nook in the home of AnnaCate, the blogger behind Another Side of This Life.  The photos were taken by the blogger behind, Lovely Life.   I love this pretty nook, created out of what could be an easily neglected space.  Looks like the perfect spot to spend a summer day. swedishhouse copyLINE
The sweeping staircase has such beautiful lines, which are used to the advantage of the room.  The artwork is hung so it cooperates with the line of the staircase.  Look for ways to highlight permanent lines created by architecture in your own home.

The contrast of the staircase with the painted and wallpapered walls accentuates all three elements (walls, staircase).  And the colors used (or lack there-of) allow this space to be light and bright, even with the addition of plenty of moody tones.

Sometimes the room itself will dictate the type of balance you use. The symmetrical furniture arrangement in this room is the perfect base for asymmetry in the rest of the space.  Asymmetry works beautifully in this space that’s framed with a large asymmetrical element (the staircase).  The artwork, pillow arrangement and asymmetrical heights of the furniture all work together perfectly.

Yes, the patterned wallpaper is definitely a point of emphasis in the room,  but where does your eye go to next.  For me, it’s that little blue vase sitting on the cocktail table.  You notice the one simple object because it provides rest against the patterned wall and myriad of cushions.

The beautiful patterned wallpaper really shines without overwhelming the small space, because it is supported by all the design elements in the room.  The solid, neutral furniture and flooring support the pattern.  And, the small-patterned pillows done in colors from the wallpaper also add to the beauty of the pattern.  If you’re adding a large amount of pattern into your room, think about how you can use the other design elements in the room to support it.

Hope you had a great weekend!  Happy Monday!

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy


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