Anatomy of a Room: A French Cottage

We’re off to spend a little time in France this week on the blog…in the lovely cottage, turned vacation home of Stephanie from Stephmodo.  They completely this renovated this 400 year old stone cottage, and did such a lovely job combining old and new to make the most lovely little spot to spend a week (or more!).  Let’s take a look!

theanatomyofafrenchcottage copy

I love how the brand new oven and hood becomes the focal point in this older home.  The use of stainless steel carried from the oven to the backsplash and all the way up to the ceiling with the hood really helps to create an amazing new focal point against the old stone.

The crisp clean white found throughout the house (see the entire home here on Design Sponge) helps create a home that is bright even though the walls are covered in stone, and the windows are small.  If you want to make something look clean and new…paint it white!

I love the way Stephanie used a simple palette of materials to furnish the entire home.  White, stainless steel, leather, white cotton, and rough wood in all the same tones are carried throughout the entire house.  I’m sure this makes maintenance on this international vacation home much more manageable from her own home in the US.

Smaller windows are more common in older homes.  So, good lighting is key to making them functional and beautiful.  I love the mix of pendants, table lamps, and small ceiling-mounted lights.  All of the fixtures stay within the white, stainless steel, stone color palette look perfectly suited for this very old home.

One of the first words that comes to mind when I see this house is, refined.  Nothing was added to this small cottage that didn’t add to the atmosphere or functionality of the home.  The mix of old and new strikes the perfect balance of respect for the age of the home and the need for modern living.

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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