Design is in the Details: Low-maintenance Beauty

The Room of the Week is part of an entire cottage bought and renovated to be used as both a vacation home for the owners and a year-round vacation rental property. I can tell from all the details in the home that a lot of thought was put into how the home would be easily maintained over time, so that it would look beautiful for all its many visitors. I hope you can use these tips in your own home to create a low-maintenance, but beautiful space.

lowmaintenancebutbeautiful copyONE: Bleach-able Bed Linens
There is a reason hotels use white linens almost exclusively…they can be bleached and they don’t fade.  So you can maintain that brand-new crisp look and feel for much longer.

TWO: Multi-tasking Accessories
For a clutter-free space only add accessories that provide a function, such as this beautiful basket.  Less to dust, organize and clean-around makes for a lower maintenance space.

THREE: Small, Stain-hiding Patterns
Choose textiles with smaller patterns which can mask stains and hide wear much better than solid colors or large patterns.

FOUR: Antique Solid Wood Furniture
Scratches and dents in solid wood are much easier to hide and fix than pieces created using veneers or laminate.  Plus, antique furniture just gets better and better with age.

FIVE: Leather Upholstery
Leather upholstery is easy to clean and hard-working and can look crisp and modern for many years with minimal care.

SIX: Natural Fiber Floor Coverings
Most natural fibers (excluding cotton) are hardworking and naturally stain-resistant, making them the perfect solution for hardworking floor coverings.

SEVEN: Unbreakable Lighting
Table lamps are in prime breaking area (at least in my house), so think about adding lamps made from metal that can survive a fall.

EIGHT: White Bathroom Towels
Like bed linens, white bathroom towels can be easily bleached to look new with every wash.

NINE: Linen Fabrics
Linen fabric is perfect for low-maintenance spaces.  It’s naturally wrinkly texture gives a home instant warmth and its easy care makes it perfect for pieces like pillows and bedskirts.

Did I miss a detail?  What’s your favorite low-maintenance tip?

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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