The Anatomy of a Pretty, Small Guest Bath by Amber Interiors

It’s a short week this week, so I picked a small room for the Room of the Week. But, even though it’s small it packs a big punch!  Of course I love this guest bath, designed by Amber Interiors, because of its blue and white color palette, but I also love it for the many details that make it crisp, clean and perfectly functioning for a guests.

anatomy-of-a-pretty-small-guest-bath copyRHYTHM
Even the smallest rooms need a rhythm to them…a path for your eye to comfortably follow around the room.  The paneling wrapped walls create a rhythm to the room, and also make the small room feel cozy, but not claustrophobic.

Wall sconces placed to the sides of the mirror (instead of a light fixture placed overhead) help to light up your face the best, without casting any weird shadows.

The floor is the perfect spot for bold pattern in a small room.  The crisp blue and white is a fun surprise, but the sight lines remain calm and uncluttered…the perfect balance.

Limit the number of materials you use in a small space to create unity.  The light fixtures, mirror, towel rack, faucet, and cabinet hardware all share the same exact finish which provides simplicity your guests will love.

Function is key in a small space.  The furnishings and decor in this space, while beautiful, are all completely functional.  A towel rack, bottle of soap and a cabinet for storage are all this small bath needs to work well.

Have a favorite detail I missed?  Please share! Even though it’s a small space there is plenty still to talk about this week.

See you tomorrow!

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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