Design is in the Details: How to Blend Casual & Elegant

The Room of the Week is such a good study in how to combine both elegant and casual elements to create a room that is both refined and relaxing, and overall cohesive.  Here are my favorite tips I learned while studying the room.

how to create casual and elegant copy

What’s your favorite detail in the room?500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

2 thoughts on “Design is in the Details: How to Blend Casual & Elegant

  1. Emily, I love this room and your analysis, but one question: UV exposure? I have a similar arrangement in our great room: Cathedral ceiling, 2 large windows flanking a fireplace (south exposure), and french doors with a west exposure. After taking down some heavy drapes I loved all the natural light, but am now very concerned about the UV exposure on my new wood floor, area rug and upholstery. Any Suggestions?

    • Hi Katy: Thanks for your comment! I agree, this room is definitely exposed to all the sunlight. It sounds like you have a lovely room, with lots of light from the south and west, and I would be worried too! There are lots of subtle solutions that will allow the natural light to flood the room without ruining your flooring and furnishings…I’ll send you a more detailed email with my thoughts!

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