Housekeeping: Vintage Tablecloth turned Throw Pillow

One of my favorite weekend hobbies is checking out estate sales.  There is something fun (and a little creepy) about seeing how someone set up their home, and what kinds of things they decided to collect.  Estate sales are always the perfect spot for me to feed my love for vintage textiles.  I find lots of beautiful fabrics, usually in great condition, for just a few dollars.  Several months ago I picked up this pretty tablecloth that was mostly white, with gold metallic stripes running through it.

tableclothpillow2I know it would make the prettiest throw pillows.  I was able to get three throw pillows out of the single tablecloth…here’s one in action!

tableclothpillow1I’m having so much fun with this new-to-me patterned sofa.  I don’t normally go for this much color and pattern mixed together, but it’s fun to go a little out of my comfort zone with this small nook in my house.

Score anything fun at an estate sale recently?  I’d love to hear!  And, have a great weekend!

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