The Anatomy of a Southern Cottage

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Years break.  I’m feeling very rested and ready to get back to a normal schedule (I’m so ready for my kids to go back to school!).

I picked the first Room of the Week for 2015 from interior design duo Milk & Honey Home, found via Instagram.  I love their traditional style that sports a younger vibe and slightly modern details.  This particular room belongs to a home in Birmingham, and would be the perfect spot to hibernate this winter…our temperatures are dropping significantly in Maryland this week!  Here are a just a few details I love in this cozy spot.

theanatomyofasoutherncottage copyWhat’s your favorite design element? I’ll be back tomorrow to dive deeper into the design of this room!

On a little side note: I’m making some changes to the design of the blog…just freshening things up a bit.  And, I decided to try out a simpler layout for these “Anatomy of a Room” posts I do each Monday to introduce the Room of the Week.  I’d love to hear what you think…do you prefer more text instead or like this simpler layout?


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