How To: Light-Up Your Gallery Wall

One of my favorite details in the Room of the Week is the pair of wall sconces on the gallery wall.  They are decorative and functional and add a modern edge to the room.  I wanted to find other examples of gallery walls with interesting lighting, but couldn’t really find any great examples to share with you.  So I came up with 7 of my own scenarios all highlighting a little gallery wall I curated with winter-themed art.  I hope this inspires you in your own gallery wall creations!

howtolightgallerywall copy

Am I missing any ideas?  I’d love to hear your own thoughts on using lighting in a gallery wall.

Lighting Sources: Picture Lights | Pair of Wall Sconces | Swing-Arm Wall Lamp | Single Wall Sconce | Standing Floor Lamp | Track Lighting | Table Lamps

Art Sources (left to right, top row then bottom row): Eastern Sierra | Vintage Swedish Landscape | Painting of Cottage in Winter | Winter in NYC | Christmas Painting of Mozart | Winter Canvas Abstract | Winter Painting Pennsylvania | Town Square Winter Watercolor | Winters Silence Abstract Art | A Winter’s Table Still-life Painting 

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy


3 thoughts on “How To: Light-Up Your Gallery Wall

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