How To: Create a Library Focal Point Wall

I love this side of the Room of the Week. The combination of built-in shelving, gorgeous sofa and sculptural lighting makes it a really stunning focal point in the room, and also a really cozy place to sit and read.

I think this shelving/sofa/sculptural lighting combo would work in almost any home and with almost any style. You don’t have to create built-ins to get that library feel.  Bookshelves bought in pairs or floating shelves hung on either side of the sofa and overhead can give that same alcove effect.

Here are three scenarios to show you how you could get this look on different budgets.

createalibraryfocapoint copy

Just a few tips if you want to try this at your own house:

  • Consider changing the color behind the sofa (between the bookshelves) to a darker color than the walls, to give a cozier feeling.
  • Lighting is key and should be installed in pairs for function and beautiful balance.
  • Fill the space between the bookshelves with artwork that fits the scale of the space.
  • To make this wall look expertly designed plan out the measurements of the sofa and bookshelves so they fit together perfectly.
World Market: Bookshelf | Sofa | Floor Lamp | Mirror | Rug | Geometric Pillow | Blue Lumbar Pillow
West Elm: Shelves | Sconces | Sofa | Rug | Solid Blue Throw Pillow | Scalloped Blue Throw Pillow
Ethan Allen: Bookshelves | Sofa | Sconce | Rug | Art | Solid Blue Throw Pillow | Floral Throw Pillow

Would you try this at your house?

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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