Piece de Resistance: An Oversized Black Chandelier

I love the giant chandelier in the Room of the Week.  Its shape mimics the curves of the sofa below and its strong black color contrasts with the white walls and ceiling and creates a very dramatic moment in the room.

Lately, I’ve been noticing a little trend in black chandeliers in rooms.  For so long the trend was nickel or silver fixtures and then brass and gold was on trend for a little bit, but now I am seeing more black chandeliers created from iron or painted metal in rooms of all styles.

Here are 15  striking options in a variety of styles.15 Dramatic Black Chandliers | www.theanatomyofdesign.comSOURCES: ONE | TWO | THREE | FOUR | FIVE | SIX | SEVEN | EIGHT | NINE | TEN | ELEVEN | TWELVE | THIRTEEN | FOURTEEN | FIFTEEN

If you are looking to add drama or a moment of strong contrast in your home, a black chandelier might be for you!

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One thought on “Piece de Resistance: An Oversized Black Chandelier

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