An Interview with Ashley From Hither & Thither

I’ve loved exploring the sunny, bright home of Ashley from Hither & Thither this week.  It really is such a lovely home to raise a family.  I put together a short interview with Ashley to find out a bit more about the place she calls home.  I hope you enjoy the interview!

Interview with Ashley from Hither & Thither About  Her California House | www.theanatomyofdesign.comDon’t you just love her house even more after hearing her answers?

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4 thoughts on “An Interview with Ashley From Hither & Thither

  1. Thank you for this, this is a wonderful interview. (I also love the readability of your layout/! :o)

    I love Ashley and her beautiful family! Their gorgeous home really reflects their impeccable sense of style. (If you love her everything in Ashley’s home, don’t forget to also read up on her post about buying furniture abroad!)

    PS) Hi, Emily. I’m so glad I found your blog! (Yes, I’ve sadly been living under a rock.)

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