A Formula to Style a Rectangle Coffee Table

Just popping in with a quick post for today!  I love the way the coffee table in the Room of the Week is styled so simply and beautifully.  And, no matter what style your room is, if you have a rectangle coffee table you can copy this formula to create a perfectly styled table of your own.

A Formula To Style a Rectangle Coffee Table | www.theanatomyofdesign.com

Follow along with me on instagram today where I share some of my favorite small vase and decor finds if you want to try this formula at home!

SOURCES: Acrylic Tray | Small Glass Vase | Brass Elephant

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy



5 thoughts on “A Formula to Style a Rectangle Coffee Table

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    • I can’t help myself either. I have a few spots in my house I am restyling constantly and my kids are pretty good at leaving alone. The basement on the other hand…I just try to avoid going down there…there’s no hope for that place, and my kids love it.

  2. The missing part of that formula is keeping little hands away from the decor! My kids are always pushing aside my books, etc to make room for Legos! One day….. (sigh)!

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