An Ode to the Bookshelf

post created in partnership with Dutchcrafters

This post is all an ode to the humble bookshelf…a hardworking, versatile piece that often gets overlooked when designing a room.  Even, if you don’t own many books a bookshelf can work as a tool for organization in your home and also act as a beautiful focal point.

Plus, they tend to be less expensive (less material) than other bulkier pieces of furniture and can be easily re-purposed to work with other rooms and other styles as functional needs and styles change.

Have I sold you on the idea of getting a bookshelf yet?  If not, here are 5 gorgeous bookshelves from Dutchcrafters to show you 5 ways to organize space, large and small, in your home.

5 Ways to Organize Space with a Bookshelf | www.theanatomyofdesign.comI hope you this opened your eye to new possibilities for using bookshelves to organize spaces large and small!

I’ll be sharing some additional gorgeous ideas for organizing space with bookshelves from real homes on Instagram today, if you need more inspiration!

Have a great weekend…see ya back here on Monday!

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