Room Reveal: My Daughter’s Room

A few months (time has sure flown!) ago I shared my plan for my daughter’s room renovation.  I finally photographed the room to share with you here!  I hope you like it!A Patterned Girls Room | www.emilywignalldesign.comThe room is fairly small with a giant bed so our floorplan was a little tricky. We decided to put the bed in front of the window and make it a really strong focal point using color and pattern.A Patterned Girls Room | www.emilywignalldesign.comWe settled on a color palette of navy, mint and coral. And moved the colors around the room through textiles and artwork.

A Girls Patterned Bedroom | www.emilywignalldesign.comLuckily Ikea makes the cutest $50 metal side tables in the exact minty color my daughter loved.A Patterned Girls Bedroom |

I found that great floral fabric on Etsy (in this shop!) and knew it was the perfect piece to tie the color palette together, so I had it made into a pillow.  I copied this same pattern in the rug on the floor, and the table lampshade I painted to match.

My daughter’s #1 request for the room was a canopy, which she saved for and purchased herself.  I dressed it up with some tissue paper balls.  It was a little hard to photograph, but I think you get the idea.  And, she is in LOVE with it.

A Patterned Girls Bedroom | www.emilywignalldesign.comShe created her seashell collection artwork a while ago, and I just updated the frame with a coat of paint to match.

A Patterned Girls Bedroom | www.emilywignalldesign.comI  like to add a little bit of custom art to personalize my kid’s rooms,  My daughter really wanted an owl, so I covered a canvas with gold leaf and painted this cute owl on top.  She also requested a tulip…her favorite flower.

A Patterned Girls Bedroom | www.emilywignalldesign.comShe loves her bright room.  And, I love seeing her add little touches and rearrange her space daily.A Patterned Girls Bedroom | www.emilywignalldesign.comI hope you enjoyed this little peek into my daughter’s room.  I’m signing off for the weekend a bit early, and I’ll be back here on Monday with a brand new Room of the Week!

SOURCES: Floral Fabric | Crane & Canopy Shams | Target Sheets | Vinyl Gold Polka Dots | Ikea Side Table | Ikea Coral Fleece Throw | Navy Floral Rug | White Canopy | Teal Curtains

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