My Seattle House: The Before Photos

We’ve been moved into our house here in Seattle for one week and things are finally starting to get organized and decorated.  Before I show you all the fun things I have done already to the house and have planned still to do, I thought I would show you the before pictures first.


orangefrontdoorOf course the orange front door immediately sold me on this house.

livingroom1And the large windows in the living room.livingroom2I started testing new brighter paint colors as soon as we got the keys!

diningroom1Here’s the dining room, leading into the kitchen.

kitchen1 kitchen2It’s getting some new paint too, but it’s the first time I’ve ever had an official pantry and I am in LOVE!


The master bedroom is small, so it’s going white and bright to open it up.  It’s almost ready to show you…I just love the power of a fresh coat of paint.miasroomWe camped out in the house for a week before our stuff arrived, so ignore the air mattresses.  This is my daughter’s very purple room…we’ve had fun transforming it over the last week into something much less purple.

deckAnd, our deck is one of my favorite features.  We have a fun little peek of downtown and the Puget Sound which is really fun to wake up to and to see in the evening when it’s all aglow.

It’s been a busy few weeks painting and unpacking and moving in.  I’ll be back next week with some fun after pictures of my progress so far.

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