Change Your Rug, Change Your Style

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I’ve always loved a sea and sand inspired color palette.  It’s an easy way to create a room that looks relaxed and pleasing on the eyes.  The Room of the Week is a great example of how wonderfully this color palette works!


While this room might not work exactly as pictured for every style with rug change-up sticking in the sandy color palette you can have an entirely new room.  Using gorgeous rugs from RugKnots, here are 7  blue sofa/sandy-colored rug scenarios to show you how versatile this color palette can be, along with a few tips you can use to purchase the rug that will work with not just your decor style, but also your lifestyle.

Change Your Rug | Change Your Style |

Head to for all the fantastic details about each rug, as well as about purchasing a rug in general.

SOURCES: Blue Montclair Crate & Barrel Sofa | Round Nickey Kehoe Coffee Table
ONE:  Beige Contemporary Wool Rug | Light
TWO: Multi-Colored Chobi Zeigler Rug | Light
THREE: Contemporary Chobi Zeigler Rug | Light
FOUR:  Beige & Ivory Classic Chobi Ziegler Rug | Light
FIVE: Flatweave Wool Kilim Rug | Light
SIX: Wool Ikat Rug | Light
SEVEN: Beige Jaldar Rug | Light

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