White Walls for My Master Bedroom

When I toured our rental house for the first time I was surprised to see it painted in the darkest beige and brown shades.  Everyone keeps warning us that the sunny Seattle summer is not going to last long, so I knew that no matter what I did to the house it had to be lightened up to combat all the gray days ahead.

Luckily (or unluckily depending on how you look at it) our stuff didn’t arrive until a week after we moved in.  So while we set up camp in the house waiting I decided to paint the entire top floor.  I think my shoulder is still recovering from painting for a week straight.

Our master bedroom originally looked like this in all it’s beige and brown wall accent glory.

brownwallsIt’s a fairly small room, and gets decent light, and I knew I wanted it to feel calm and bright, so I opted for a soft white color, Sherwin Williams Downy, instead of the gray I used in our last house.  I snapped a few photos yesterday of the room so far.  Bye bye brown…hello white and bright!

Light & Bright Master Bedroom | www.emilywignalldesign.comI wasn’t sure how I would feel about the white walls.  They are very popular these days, but I was worried they would feel too stark for me.  But, instead they just feel light and soft in the sunlight.

Light & Bright Master Bedroom | www.emilywignalldesign.comIt hasn’t been properly styled, but it’s pretty much all set up.  Except the lighting…I’m looking at you solo wall sconce.  The other one needed to be rewired, which I decided to tackle.  After spending HOURS trying to get it to work with no luck I chucked the whole thing in the trash in a fit of frustration.  So, now I am saving my pennies for a new pair of the perfect wall sconces.

Light & Bright Master Bedroom | www.emilywignalldesign.comThings will probably get shifted around.  I’m  still playing with the placement of that very necessary dresser…our closet it pretty small. And, I really want to hang my draperies from my last master bedroom to add another layer of texture, color and softness.

Light & Bright Master Bedroom | www.emilywignalldesign.comAnd, while artwork is up on the walls it still needs a layer of plants for color and texture and a great throw on the bed for the winter months ahead.

I’ll be sharing my progress as I add little details to finish the room.

What are you thoughts on white walls?  If you have tips for warming up rooms with white walls I’d love to hear!  See you back here Tuesday…enjoy the long weekend ahead!

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