A Bathroom Renovation: Before & After Photos

I am slowly adjusting to my new days as all my kids go to school. I’m so excited to begin working with more clients here in Seattle.  As I ramp up my business here I thought I would share some projects I have completed recently that are back on the East Coast.

I showed you the floor plan and the moodboard for this complete bathroom renovation I helped some Maryland clients (and really great friends) with.  My client really likes a mix of traditional and modern touches and earth-tones.  And though the budget was moderate we pulled off a pretty new space for my client’s 5 kids to share! Here’s a quick visual recap.

Modern Traditional Bathroom Renovation | www.emilywignalldesign.com

Everything got taken down to the studs. The floor near the shower was completely rotten so even that got replaced.  But everything has been replaced and it’s better than ever!

Modern Traditional Bathroom Renovation | www.emilywignalldesign.comThis old cabinet was mostly unused, so we replaced it with much needed counter space.  With a matching counter and double sinks on the other side.

Modern Traditional Bathroom Renovation | www.emilywignalldesign.comWe moved the toilet from next to the shower to the unused space on the other wall.  Modern Traditional Bathroom Renovation | www.emilywignalldesign.com The only thing that did stay was the original tub, which was in great shape.  We just had it re-coated in crisp white and it looks brand new!Modern Traditional Bathroom Renovation | www.emilywignalldesign.com

New tile with a built-in shelf, new hardware and new paint and this space looks completely brand new and ready to work hard!Modern Traditional Bathroom Renovation | www.emilywignalldesign.comI’m grateful for my client taking these photos so I could see the end result…I moved before it was finished!  I’ll be back tomorrow to share another project.

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