Try this Color Palette: Gray, Cream, Blue & Red

The Room of the Week has such a pretty color palette.  Mostly neutral gray and cream tones, but jazzed up with those deep reds and blues.  The red/blue combo is unusual and combines those hot and cool colors in a beautiful way! I’m a die-hard orange and blue fan, but this room has definitely won me over to new ideas!

And, the great thing about this color palette is that it is very versatile and can suit almost any style. Here are 8 different style scenarios to inspire you.

Try this Color Palette: Gray, Cream, Blue & RedDo you like the more saturated combos or prefer something lighter?

HEADBOARD: Ballard Designs
SCENARIO 1: Ballard Designs | SCENARIO 2: West Elm | SCENARIO 3: Rebecca Atwood| SCENARIO 4: ZGallerie | SCENARIO 5: Room & Board | SCENARIO 6: Pottery Barn | SCENARIO 7: Caitlin Wilson | SCENARIO 8: World Market

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2 thoughts on “Try this Color Palette: Gray, Cream, Blue & Red

    • Hi Sarah! Glad you enjoyed the posts. I don’t know where the bedding is from, but I’d be happy to help you source something similar if you’d like. I offer a service through my interior design business where i charge $30 to locate specific decor pieces, like bedding for people. Let me know if that is something you are interested in! Thanks, Emily

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