My Eclectic Office Reveal

My Eclectic Office Makeover | www.theanatomyofdesign.comI shared my plan for my little home office/music room a few weeks ago.  And, I finally finished crafting a desk of sorts and took some photos. It’s a very small room that has to do double duty as both my office and our music room.  If you want to see the before pictures…check out this post.  Since we moved in a few months ago I painted over the original red walls a cozy green color and the ceiling bright white, hung curtains, artwork and my husband’s guitars.

My Eclectic Office Makeover | www.theanatomyofdesign.comI also created a new desk.  I wanted something slimmer, but wider to give me the biggest workspace available, without taking up too much room.  I used simple table legs from Ikea and a piece of oak plywood cut down to my 80″x28″ specs.  My original plan was to coat the wood in a glossy coat of white, but once I saw the beautiful grain of the wood I knew I couldn’t cover it completely up. So, I whitewashed the oak with several coats of very watered down paint, which I let soak slightly into the wood before I rubbed off.  Then, I topped it with a few coats of poly for durability.   It’s not quite done as I need a few more table legs to support the center because it’s so long and lovely, but Ikea is just so darn far from my house I haven’t made the trek yet.  And, I also plan on finishing the edges, but haven’t figured that part out yet.  It’s hard to get a good photo of the pretty finish, but here’s a little sample.

My Eclectic Office Makeover | www.theanatomyofdesign.comI also hung a piece of perforated brass  as a bulletin board of sorts.  And, above the piano is one of my favorite pieces of art…my husband made it at a street fair here in Seattle (we have the best street fairs here!)…it’s the name of our little family band…a plan on my kids names, Amelia & Miles.

My Eclectic Office Makeover | www.theanatomyofdesign.comI love working in my new space.  I’ll be back tomorrow sharing more about this space…including that pretty little rug on the floor that has unexpectedly stolen my heart!

My Eclectic Office Makeover |

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy


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