The World’s Softest Rug

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You caught a glimpse of the world’s softest rug in my post yesterday about my office.

office5A few months ago during my move from Maryland to Seattle, RugKnots contacted me to see if they could send me a rug for review.  At that point I hadn’t even found a house to live in, but I was 100% sure I would be able to find a spot to showcase one of their gorgeous rugs no matter where we ended up living.  I didn’t pick out which rug I was going to review, so it was a surprise when it arrived on my doorstep  When I opened the package to reveal this deep red patterned rug, I was a little bit perplexed at what to do because it was a bit different from my personal style.   But, it was the prettiest shade of deep red, and a had a small-scale pattern which is beautiful and not overwhelming at all.  And, as I started thinking about setting up my office I knew its small size and deep color would really stand out in the small room, and fit in with the eclectic music studio vibe I was going for in the room.

office4So now it lives here in my office.  I love how its dark red color and traditional pattern bring a little luxury to my space.  And, let me tell you about the texture.  It’s made of a mix of wool and silk, and it is by far the softest thing I’ve ever put my toes on.  It not only visually warms up the room, but also actually makes it feel warmer in my cozy office.

office2RugKnots carries the most gorgeous selection of patterned rugs in  amazing color and pattern combinations I promise you won’t find in every online rug shop.  These rugs are not for the bargain hunter, but they are for someone looking for a rug that will hold up for the next 50 years and still look amazing.  Here are some of my favorites from their site.

10 Unique Patterned Rugs from Rug Knots | www.theanatomyofdesign.comI paired each rug with my favorite Anthropologie sofa in a coordinating fabric.  It comes in so many lovely colors…something for everyone!  Which rug or sofa color would you choose?

SOURCES: SOFA: Anthropologie | Lamp: Anthropologie | Rug 1 | Rug 2 | Rug 3 | Rug 4 | Rug 5 | Rug 6 | Rug 7 | Rug 8 | Rug 9 | Rug 10

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