A Whole-House Color Palette

One of the tricks that makes model-homes so inviting to home buyers is the strong color palette carried through every room of the house.  A lot of planning goes into deciding and using that color palette in unique ways throughout the house so buyers see the charms of each room individually and the house as a whole.

You can use this trick too to make your home feel connected and cohesive.  The Room of the Week is actually part of a house that demonstrates exactly how to do this in a real home (rather than a model-home).  Let’s take a look….

A Coral & Gray Whole House Color Palette | www.theanatomyofdesign.comDo you have one color palette, or use an accent color to tie all the rooms in your home together?  I know I throw blue into every color in my house…

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A Farmhouse Table for Every Style

One of my favorite things in the Room of the Week is the gorgeous farmhouse-style table right in the center.  I can just imagine the family gathering here for family dinners, and special occasions and even just after the kids get home from school for a snack and homework.  The worn wood and simple metal chairs are low-maintenance and give a casual feeling to the kitchen.

Even if you don’t have the same kitchen layout in your home, you can achieve a similar casual feeling using the farmhouse table/metal chair combo no matter what your style is.  Here is the combo in four different styles.

A Farmhouse Table for Every Style | www.theanatomyofdesign.com

Anyone have an eat-in kitchen?  Or a farmhouse table they love…maybe a source to share with everyone?


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Room of the Week: A Charming Eat-in Kitchen

I know I keep saying I am back and ready to blog again after our cross-country move, but this week I actually mean it! I’m back sharing the most darling eat-in kitchen designed by Clayton & Little Architects.  This kitchen uses many design elements that I just love and can be translated into so many different types of design styles. Let’s dive right in and check out this kitchen!
A Charming Eat-in Kitchen | www.theanatomyofdesign.comWhat’s your favorite part of this room?  I’m looking forward to talking about it all week.  Thanks for sticking around while I got settled!

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