An Unexpected Christmas Color Palette

I’m not a person who uses a traditional red and green christmas color palette to decorate for the holidays.  Instead, I always try to take cues from whatever the current colors are in my living room.  Take the Room of the Week…a traditional red and green color palette might look a little jarring, but instead, a color palette that stays true to the red, pink and black colors already in the room makes for a lovely and harmonious space!

Here’s a peek at how I would decorate the Room of the Week.

An Unexpected Christmas Color Palette |

SOURCES:White Christmas Tree | Round Black Ornaments | Black Drop Ornaments | Vintage Pink Teardrop Ornament | Hot Pink Glass Icicle Ornaments | Red Leaf Imprint Ornament | Kate Spade Black Stripe and Polka Dot Ornaments | Red Felt Wreath | Black & White Striped Tapers | Red Matterhorn Stocking | Halo Matte Black Candleholder | Small Black Lumberjack Candleholder | Lily & Rose Black and Red Candleholders | Red Glass Table Tree | Zinc Reindeer

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Metal Bamboo-Style Tables

One of my favorite things in the Room of the Week is the pretty bamboo coffee table right in the center of the room.  I love how its pretty feminine lines and dark color contrast the plush shapes of the white slipcovered furniture.





The bamboo-styled legs are a fun way to bring a natural element to the room.  If you are looking for a simple, feminine piece of furniture to add to your mix, here are 16 pretty tables in a variety of finishes and price points.

bambootablesI’ll be back tomorrow to show you how I would decorate this pretty room for Christmas!

SOURCES: 1 | 2 | 3 |4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 |12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16

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The Anatomy of a Feminine Living Room

I’ve shared the design work of Jessica Helgerson before (here and here), but she has done so much great work I had to share another one of her designs.  It doesn’t matter style Ms. Helgerson decorates a room in, I always feel like I could move right in and be happy.  Which is how I feel about this Victorian home she designed.  It’s comfortable and patterned and pretty and looks like the perfect warm spot for a cold December day.  Let’s day a look…

anatomyofapatternedtraditionalroom copy

What is your favorite part of the room?  I think mine is the pretty color palette!  I’ll be back tomorrow with a post inspired by this room!

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9 Vintage Lighting Sources

Out of all the vintage details I shared in my post yesterday, the vintage lighting is definitely my favorite.  They are really unique and add a higher level of sophisticated charm to the kitchen.  Luckily, there are many shops offering this style of lighting online.  Here are 9 of my favorites!

9 SOURCES FOR VINTAGE-STYLE LIGHTING | www.theanatomyofdesign.comHave any sources to add?  I’d love to know if I’m missing anything great!


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11 Ways to Add Vintage Charm to Your Kitchen

After studying photos of the Room of the Week one thing is very clear…design is in the details.  This kitchen is new, but so many small details were added to make it look as if the kitchen was built during another era.  Even if you aren’t planning a full kitchen renovation ( the majority of us aren’t!) there are some simple details you can add to your kitchen, no matter its age that can give you that vintage charm you seek.

Here are 11 ideas pulled straight from the Room of the Week.

11 Ways to Add Vintage Charm to Your Kitchen...No Matter Its Age |

Did you spot anything I missed?  Please share!

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