Add a Candle Sconce for Fall

Last week I shared some fall decor ideas for this year.  One of them was a candle sconce, which I am really loving this year!  They are fairly inexpensive, compared to electric wall sconces, and add a beautiful texture and shine to a room. I scoured the internet for some gorgeous new and vintage finds…there really is something for every style!  Here are 20 of my favorites!

candlesconces copy

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Here are some real-life examples of where and how to use candle sconces inside a home! (Just click on the picture to go to the source)


An entry is a great place to hang a pair of candle sconces…such a cozy way to greet guests when it gets dark so early.

shaker style staircase

Light the path up your stairs with candle sconces.

fireplace with built ins for electronics

The fireplace is a great place for candle sconces, when you are looking for a more affordable solution to electric sconces, with the same amount of beauty.


A pair of sconces can help create beautiful symmetry in a formal room.


Even bathrooms can use sconces!

Untitled-2I hope you feel inspired by this little idea for fall.  Do you have any unique ways you incorporate candles into your home for fall?

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The Perfect Bedside Vignette

Sorry to leave you hanging the last few days without a blog post after I introduced you all to the beautiful Room of the Week.  I had one of my favorite friends in town and we were busy running around this new city of mine with our 5 kids in tow, which left me little time for blogging!

But, I’m finishing the week with my favorite details in the room…the perfectly styled bedside table.  So many things to learn from a quick study of this set-up.  Here are my 5 tips to take away from this photo.
5 Tips to a Perfectly Styled Bedside Table| www.theanatomyofdesign.comI hope you have a great weekend!  I may or may not be back here next week.  We finally got the keys to the house we are renting this week, but our stuff doesn’t arrive until next Thursday.  And, with moving comes the inevitable problems with Internet!  So, if I haven’t posted here check Instagram where I’ll share snippets of paint colors and little corners as they get filled.  Be back soon!

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

Traditional + Modern Mix

I just couldn’t go this whole week without showing you more pictures from the rest of the house the Room of the Week is from.  Designer Amy Sklar sure does know how to seamlessly blend modern and traditional elements to create a room that looks both fresh and comfortable.  Let’s take a little walk through the house, shall we?  (Full house tour photos here.I promise it’s worth clicking that link!)

A  Mix of Modern and Traditional Details | www.theanatomyofdesign.comDid you spot any details I missed? Anything jump out at you?

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Inspiration Week: 10 Blogs to Follow

I’m taking it easy with blogging this week as I have family in town visiting!  I’ll be working on lots of projects, and instagramming still, if you want to follow along with me there.

In the meantime, I wanted to leave you with some of my favorite blogs at the moment…a little inspiration while I’m away.

First up, the lovely Erin from Francois et Moi writes the loveliest blog and shares the coolest, simple DIY projects.  Her photography and aesthetic are light and simple and I am always inspired by what she does.  Head over to check her out.

Fringed Boho Lumbar Pillow DIY Made from a Table Runner | Francois et Moi

Next is the talented Kate from Kate’s Creative Space.  She shares the most whimsical projects, many geared toward children. And, she shares life as she renovates her older home.  I am constantly inspired by her out-of-the-box thinking and I think you will be too!

An understated family bathroom

Jeran from Oleander and Palm is one of those people I’ve been following for years because she is consistently inspiring.  I love her California aesthetic and she is really on fire right now…she just moved into her own studio and is crafting projects with so much energy that are inspiring and totally do-able.

Heather, from The Decor Fix, is like the sage of interior design.  She shares real-life decorating advice, including a recent fantastic article on getting inspired by NOT decorating your house, and just did a few articles on overcoming Pinterest Paralysis…if you’ve ever felt stunted in your own decorating after trying to find inspiration on Pinterest, this article is for you!

When NOT to Decorate Your Home

Cassie, from Primitive and Proper, is a new blog discovery.  She runs a vintage furniture shop and shares fun finds, furniture rehabs and lovely pictures of her own home. Always an inspiring place to stop!

Living Room Spring Tour

If you like a little Scandinavian design in your mix, check out Anu from Nalle’s House. clean, but bright, aesthetic always inspires me. And, she shares great DIY projects and pictures of her home renovations. Love her!

Sugar and Cloth is another new-to-me blog. And, I am totally addicted.  Ashley, the genius behind this blog, has been sharing the coolest plant stand DIY’s lately…just in time for outdoor living this spring.

DIY acadia wood plant stand | sugar & cloth


Chris & Julia, the husband and wife duo behind, Chris Loves Julia, are constantly tackling the coolest projects in their home with the most sophisticated results.  They share their projects in real time… which makes them feel even more inspiring and attainable.  Plus, they are just such likeable people that you will want to check in with them daily!


Next up, Katie from Katie Gavigan Interiors.  I love this girl!  We share a similar aesthetic so I am always heading to her blog to see what she’s up to.  Currently she is re-doing her patio for summer and I can’t wait to see the results!


The eclectic style of the girls behind Red House West is always inspiring.  They share their design process along the way as they tackle projects in both of their homes.  I love stopping in to see snippets of their electically-styled homes.

Red House West || Concealing Household Eyesores

And, last but not least, Cate & Chelsea’s blog StyleMutt is another new find.  I love discovering bloggers that live near me and this duo is based out of the Washington DC area, just like me!  These girls are constantly sharing furniture re-dos and other DIY projects and if you love vintage style this is the blog for you!

11 Ways to Add Vintage Charm to Your Kitchen

After studying photos of the Room of the Week one thing is very clear…design is in the details.  This kitchen is new, but so many small details were added to make it look as if the kitchen was built during another era.  Even if you aren’t planning a full kitchen renovation ( the majority of us aren’t!) there are some simple details you can add to your kitchen, no matter its age that can give you that vintage charm you seek.

Here are 11 ideas pulled straight from the Room of the Week.

11 Ways to Add Vintage Charm to Your Kitchen...No Matter Its Age |

Did you spot anything I missed?  Please share!

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