The Anatomy of a Feminine Living Room

I’ve shared the design work of Jessica Helgerson before (here and here), but she has done so much great work I had to share another one of her designs.  It doesn’t matter style Ms. Helgerson decorates a room in, I always feel like I could move right in and be happy.  Which is how I feel about this Victorian home she designed.  It’s comfortable and patterned and pretty and looks like the perfect warm spot for a cold December day.  Let’s day a look…

anatomyofapatternedtraditionalroom copy

What is your favorite part of the room?  I think mine is the pretty color palette!  I’ll be back tomorrow with a post inspired by this room!

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The Anatomy of the Perfect Kitchen for Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

Of course no one designs a kitchen with cooking Thanksgiving dinner in mind, but it really is the ultimate test of how well your kitchen functions.  When I saw this kitchen, designed by Brown Design Inc. (you MUST check out their portfolio to see so so many jaw-droppingly beautiful spaces), I instantly thought it would be the perfect spot to cook and serve Thanksgiving dinner.  The room has been beautifully divided into places for work, prep, cooking and serving and I think it would be a dream to cook here.  Here’s why!

The Anatomy of a Dream Kitchen for Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner | www.theanatomyofdesign.comNone of us are going to be renovating our kitchens before next week, but this room does have me thinking about setting up my kitchen next week to create the perfect zones for prepping, cooking and serving.

And, because I cannot finish this post without sharing some photos from this gorgeous kitchen…here are a few more details from this amazing space.

How great is the layout of this kitchen and dining room?  Open, but still separated is my favorite! And, the clever window wall is so beautifully styled…such a unique moment. With seating for at least 12 this home is perfect for hosting a Thanksgiving feast!

I am in love with this work station in this kitchen.  A clean countertop, the pretty piece of artwork, the tiny beautiful lamp and artful shelf styling make this corner a really beautiful spot in the kitchen.  I could work all day here.

I’ll be back later this week to share my own Thanksgiving table ideas!

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

The Anatomy of a Traditional + Modern Room

A few weeks ago I spotted the home tour of interior designer Danielle Colding on Design Sponge. I fell in love with her style, and immediately clicked on the link to her website to look at her portfolio.  She does such a great job mixing styles and creating rooms that are both tailored and comfortable.

I picked one of her rooms as the Room of the Week…let’s jump right in to looking at the design elements at work in this space!

The Anatomy of a Modern + Traditional Living Room | www.theanatomyofdesign.comI cannot stop picking rooms with this red/orange shade to feature here on my blog…maybe I should use it somewhere in my own house so I can stop obsessing over it online!

I’ll be back tomorrow to share more great moments from this room.

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

The Anatomy of a Saturated Living Room

I’m craving saturated color these days. As the leaves change, and the days darken I gravitate toward colors that suggest warmth and coziness.  So, when I discovered the portfolio of designer Rachel Reider I knew I wanted to share her work here with you.  I hope the fantastic use of color in this Room of the Week inspires you this season!

The Anatomy of a Saturated Living Room | www.theanatomyofdesign.comDoes the changing season make you gravitate to new color choices in your home?

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

Room of the Week: Warm + Modern for Fall

I’m busy working on getting my office ready to show you later this month, so while I’m busy working on projects I thought I would share  I thought I would share a beautiful room I spotted that looked perfect for this transitional time of year.

Katie Martinez designed this beautiful room in New York City, but I think we can take tips from this room to warm up a modern home in any city.

Anatomy of a Modern Room with Warm Accents | www.theanatomyofdesign.comSo many great ideas in this space for transitional a home from summer to fall…I’ll be back tomorrow with more lessons I learned from this room.

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