Try this Color Palette: Gray, Cream, Blue & Red

The Room of the Week has such a pretty color palette.  Mostly neutral gray and cream tones, but jazzed up with those deep reds and blues.  The red/blue combo is unusual and combines those hot and cool colors in a beautiful way! I’m a die-hard orange and blue fan, but this room has definitely won me over to new ideas!

And, the great thing about this color palette is that it is very versatile and can suit almost any style. Here are 8 different style scenarios to inspire you.

Try this Color Palette: Gray, Cream, Blue & RedDo you like the more saturated combos or prefer something lighter?

HEADBOARD: Ballard Designs
SCENARIO 1: Ballard Designs | SCENARIO 2: West Elm | SCENARIO 3: Rebecca Atwood| SCENARIO 4: ZGallerie | SCENARIO 5: Room & Board | SCENARIO 6: Pottery Barn | SCENARIO 7: Caitlin Wilson | SCENARIO 8: World Market

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Add A Touch of Red For Fall

I just love the color of that red sofa in the Room of the Week.  It’s bold and warm and looks so great with the blues and yellows in the room.  That particular shade of deep red is HOT this season.  So, even if you aren’t quite ready to invest in a red sofa (not many people are!) just a touch of this color will go a long way this fall season.

I scoured the internet looking for the prettiest red accessories available right now!

Add A Touch of Red For Fall |

What’s your favorite color to add for fall?

I hope you have a great weekend! I’ll be back next week showing you the progress on my office…my kids finally went to a full week of school so I am finally making some headway into getting it organized!

SOURCES (from top to bottom):Flannel Pillow | Red Upholstered Bench | Red Taper Candlesticks | Red Striped Handtowels | Red Flowers | Red Rug | Red Velvet Pillow | Red Patterned Box | Red Leather Catchall | Red Lamp | Red & Linen Throw Pillow | Red Glass Pendant | Red Candle | Red Floral Photo | Red Throw Blanket

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Color Palette: The Best Blue-Green Paint Colors

That wall color in the Room of the Week really gives the room a calm feeling, and even though it is a color it still acts very much like a neutral.  There’s something about a soft blue-green color that is almost universally loved.  I’ve used this wall color in my own home and in clients homes always with great success.

Rather than show you tons of options, here are two blue-green colors I’ve used for myself and clients with successful results all of the time.  Sherwin Williams Sea Salt & Benjamin Moore’s Quiet Moments are both that perfect blue-green-gray color.  Sea Salt can read a little more green while Quiet Moments is definitely a little more blue and gray.  Either way, if you’re looking for a calm, ethereal color, both will do the trick!

Here are some pretty examples to help sell you on the colors (not that you need it!).

The Best Blue-Green Paint Colors |


And, for a few pictures of sea salt in action in my own home, I used it in my dining room here and my daughter’s room here.

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A Whole-House Color Palette

One of the tricks that makes model-homes so inviting to home buyers is the strong color palette carried through every room of the house.  A lot of planning goes into deciding and using that color palette in unique ways throughout the house so buyers see the charms of each room individually and the house as a whole.

You can use this trick too to make your home feel connected and cohesive.  The Room of the Week is actually part of a house that demonstrates exactly how to do this in a real home (rather than a model-home).  Let’s take a look….

A Coral & Gray Whole House Color Palette | www.theanatomyofdesign.comDo you have one color palette, or use an accent color to tie all the rooms in your home together?  I know I throw blue into every color in my house…

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Favorite Color Palettes

Hi Friends! It’s been a crazy two weeks moving across the country, but we are finally in Seattle and trying to get settled (we still don’t have a house yet, but hopefully soon!). I’m really craving a normal schedule so I’m excited to start blogging again. To ease back into blogging this week I am going to continue to share some of my favorite posts from the past two years. Today, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite past posts about creating the perfect color palette. I hope these posts inspire you if you are looking for color inspiration for your home!


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