Room of the Week: Decorated for Christmas

When I first saw the Room of the Week I could instantly envision it decorated for Christmas.  I think the wintry blue and cream color palette, traditional decor, and cozy details make this the perfect spot to spend a Christmas season.

I chose that piece of artwork front and center in the photo as my inspiration for the color palette and style of the Christmas decorations.  I tried to keep the decor simple and classic, but bright, just like this room.

I hope this inspires you in your own decorating this season!

Traditional Room Decorated for Christmas | www.theanatomyofdesign.comSOURCES: Metal Bloom Garlands on Windows | Driftwood Reindeer | Tea Light HoldersFresh Winter Wreath | Urn Planter Stocking Holder | Burlap Stockings | Woodland Tree | Wood Star | Wood Bead Garland | Coral Glass Painted Ornament | Coral Glass Blown Ornament | Blue Christmas Ornament | Green Christmas Ornaments

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My Home: My Dining Table Set For Christmas Dinner

Growing up our candlelit Christmas Eve dinner was one of my favorite traditions.  We had a lasagna dinner and always used these homemade felt poinsettia napkin rings, and I have such fond memories of them still.  We don’t live near family and we’re spending Christmas Eve with dear friends, so I am planning a candlelit lasagna dinner for Christmas day.   Here are my simple plans for setting my table for that special dinner…I hope my kids enjoy it as much as I did growing up.

my-dining-room-decorated-for-christmas copySOURCES: Snowflake Runner | White Dinnerware | Striped Napkins | Poinsettia Napkin Rings | Trio of Mini Trees

I’ve been looking for ideas the past few weeks to keep my kids crafting and busy these next few days until Christmas, so I plan on having them help with the simple paper snowflake table runner and some poinsettia napkin rings just like I had growing up (though I plan to make mine from paper and hot glue!).

Do you have any special Christmas/Christmas Eve dinner traditions?

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Decorated for Christmas: Simple Additions to an Eclectic Apartment

Even though the Room of the Week is already decorated with a beautiful Christmas tree I thought if I lived in the room I might want just a little bit more…nothing over the top.  So, I picked a few simple pieces that aren’t too Christmas-y, but are simple reminders of the season.  And I tried to pick pieces that work within the color palette and style of the existing furniture,art and accessories.  susan-becher-apartment-decorated-for-christmas copySOURCES: TREE TAPER CANDLES | MERCURY GLASS CANDLE | SEA STAR FERN GLOBE ORNAMENT | REMBRANDT NATIVITY ETCHING | NATURAL WOOD FRAME | EVA ZEISEL SERVING BOWL | CROCHET KNIT BLANKET

I had a lot of fun decorating the rooms I featured each week for Christmas…this weeks’ room was my favorite and I truly want all of the items I featured today.  I hope they inspired your own holiday decor.  I have a few simple posts planned to end the year next week, and I am really looking forward to starting the new year (I have lots of fun plans brewing).  Have a great weekend!

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My Home: My Christmas Tree

Just popping in today to share a snippet of my Christmas tree today.  I’ve been waiting to share my tree until I found the perfect garland for it, and as I was wandering at Target the other day, as you do, I spotted this darling printed burlap ribbon…and for a dollar a spool I couldn’t resist.  I’ve kept an orange/copper and blue theme for several years…and it ties nicely in with my other decor.  My tree mostly just has bulbs and some homemade paper stars I made a few years ago using wallpaper remnants.  I bought supplies to make some little pinecone ornaments to add to my tree, but time is slipping away…next year. Hope you like it!

christmastree1christmastree2The bottom of my tree is definitely looking a little bare!  My three-year-old prevents me from putting out any wrapped gifts.  But, I guess it helps me enjoy my tree basket a little better.

I know the Room of the Week is already beautifully decorated for Christmas, but I thought I would share a few additional details I would add…back tomorrow!

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My Home: My Christmas Mantle

I’m late posting today because I’ve been busy play Christmas catch-up.  I hadn’t bought a single thing until my finals ended on Monday, so I have been shopping and decorating up a storm since!
Since I shared how I would decorate the kitchen Room of the Week I thought I would share a bit of my own kitchen decor.  We have a small room right off our kitchen that has a fireplace and is just big enough for a small loveseat and chair.  I decided to decorate the mantle.  Now, I’ve had the same decorations for years because I really prefer to spend my money on home decor I can use for more than just a few weeks of the year.   So, my mantle is a Scandinavian inspired design, with a white, wood and green color palette.  It’s a vignette of things I’ve had for years (the nativity and yarn trees), and a few inexpensive additions (paper star Ikea lamps, felt ribbon garlands,a paper fan from the Target dollar section, and some branches from the backyard).

mantle2mantle1mantle3I can think of a million different ways to style this space, given more time and money, but I’m pretty happy with it for now….

Do you buy new decor every year, or save your money for home decor the rest of the year?

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