7 Sources for Fabulous Fall Pillows

One of the smallest, but coziest, details in the Room of the Week is the great mix of throw pillows.  Velvet and fur pillows are very on-trend and in-season right now.  If you are looking for a quick, and relatively inexpensive way to add texture and warmth both literally and visually to your home for fall, then look no further than a few throw pillows.

Here are some of my favorite fall pillow finds from my favorite pillow sources.

7 Sources for Fabulous Fall Pillows | www.theanatomyofdesign.comIf you don’t have lots of money to decorate new each season (me too!) then definitely to over to H&M…their velvet pillow selection starts at just $10 and they have tons of colors!

SOURCES: all sofas from EQ3 | pillows from left to right
ETSY: Blue, Pink Striped Cable Knit Pillow | White Cable Knit Bolster | Merlot Cable Knit Pillow | White Cable Knit Pillow with Gold Studs | Ink Blue Cable Knit Pillow
H&M: Green & Taupe Velvet Pillow Cover | Chunky Knit Cushion Cover
URBAN OUTFITTERS: Plum & Bow Long Velvet PillowWhite Cable Knit Pillow | Round Pintuck Pillow
WEST ELM: Studded Velvet Pillow | Ombre Velvet Pillows | Mongolian Lamp Pillow
CB2 and CRATE & BARREL:  Gray Jersey Knit Pillow | Beet Red Velvet Pillow
ZARA HOME: Beige Velvet Cushion | Golden Pleated Velvet Cushion | Fur Pillow
ABC HOME: Bisque Velvet Pillows | Sand Velvet Pillow | Eggplant Velvet Pillow

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The Perfect Bedside Vignette

Sorry to leave you hanging the last few days without a blog post after I introduced you all to the beautiful Room of the Week.  I had one of my favorite friends in town and we were busy running around this new city of mine with our 5 kids in tow, which left me little time for blogging!

But, I’m finishing the week with my favorite details in the room…the perfectly styled bedside table.  So many things to learn from a quick study of this set-up.  Here are my 5 tips to take away from this photo.
5 Tips to a Perfectly Styled Bedside Table| www.theanatomyofdesign.comI hope you have a great weekend!  I may or may not be back here next week.  We finally got the keys to the house we are renting this week, but our stuff doesn’t arrive until next Thursday.  And, with moving comes the inevitable problems with Internet!  So, if I haven’t posted here check Instagram where I’ll share snippets of paint colors and little corners as they get filled.  Be back soon!

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Traditional + Modern Mix

I just couldn’t go this whole week without showing you more pictures from the rest of the house the Room of the Week is from.  Designer Amy Sklar sure does know how to seamlessly blend modern and traditional elements to create a room that looks both fresh and comfortable.  Let’s take a little walk through the house, shall we?  (Full house tour photos here.I promise it’s worth clicking that link!)

A  Mix of Modern and Traditional Details | www.theanatomyofdesign.comDid you spot any details I missed? Anything jump out at you?

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11 Ways to Add Vintage Charm to Your Kitchen

After studying photos of the Room of the Week one thing is very clear…design is in the details.  This kitchen is new, but so many small details were added to make it look as if the kitchen was built during another era.  Even if you aren’t planning a full kitchen renovation ( the majority of us aren’t!) there are some simple details you can add to your kitchen, no matter its age that can give you that vintage charm you seek.

Here are 11 ideas pulled straight from the Room of the Week.

11 Ways to Add Vintage Charm to Your Kitchen...No Matter Its Age | www.theanatomyofdesign.com

Did you spot anything I missed?  Please share!

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Art Class: Food-themed Art

I have to show you the other side of the Room of the Week!  The kitchen side of the room is white and bright and has so many small details that make this grand white space feel more colorful and comfortable.

kitchenart copyIsn’t that spice rack awesome?  And, I love the peek of pattern popping through the glass cabinetry.  And, that wood countertop on the island really warms up all the white paint and marble.

But, my favorite detail is the row of paintings above the cabinets…people always wonder what to put up there and I think this is a fantastic solution!  I sort of love food-themed art, and I am constantly pinning ideas…so, I thought I would share some of my favorites here.

kitchenartseries copySOURCES:
ONE: Giant Artichoke and Strawberry Prints from Jennifer KindellIkea Dining Furniture
TWO:  Illustrated Recipe Prints from Felicita Sala | Crate & Barrel Dining Furniture
THREE:  Watercolor Prints from The Joy of ColorDutchcrafters Dining Furniture
FOUR:  Food Prints on Black Background from Anek  |  West Elm Dining Furniture
FIVE:  Top Chocolate Cake Painting | Bottom Chocolate Cake Painting | Yellow Cake PaintingModani Dining Furniture

Have any food-themed art in your own kitchen?  Any good sources or artists we should know about?

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