The Anatomy of a Jessica Helgerson Interior

If your kitchen is like mine it’s the center of your home, and the busiest room in the house.  Kitchens have to function well for food storage, meal prep, family meals and gathering, homework time,  parties…the list goes on and on.  And yet, this kitchen, designed by Jessica Helgerson, manages to appear calm and collected, but not by accident.  Here’s a look at the design elements that make this kitchen so successful.

anatomy-of-a-jessica-helgerson-room copy

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EMPHASIS – All of the design elements in this space work together to make the focus of this room the gorgeous foliage outside.   The lighting and the island are centered on the doors leading outside, which draws the eye through the room and out the doors.  Windows were placed the entire length of the room, and were left uncovered, providing maximum views of the outdoors.  The largely white room places emphasis on the colors outside.

LIGHTING – A kitchen needs strategically placed lighting to light the room generally and for smaller tasks in specific areas of the kitchen.  Here there is lighting over the island, the kitchen sink, and the breakfast nook.  All of the light fixtures are large and the same shape which creates harmony in the space, but because they are clear they don’t take up very much visual space. which keeps the emphasis in the room on the outside.

COLOR – One of the reasons this room feels so calm and collected is the large amount of crisp white, with just a few colorful accents taken from the quirky clock on the wall.

RHYTHM – All of the metallic finishes in the room are the same – even the lids on the food storage jars.  Just one of the subtle design elements that makes this space feel harmonious and organized.

BALANCE –  It’s hard to tell exactly where the cabinets on the right side of the room end, but it seems as if they match up exactly with the beginning of the doorway on the left, which creates balance.  If the cabinets didn’t match up the room wouldn’t be balanced.  Putting the large windows on the right side of the kitchen helps to balance out the upper cabinets on the left side.  A balanced room automatically signals order to the eye, and puts you at ease.

SPACE – Kitchens are the room in the house where it’s the most important to fill the space correctly.   If you don’t have the right size or number of cabinets and furnishings the room can feel clumsy and messy and work inefficiently.  In the work triangle (the triangle created by the fridge, stove and sink) everything is spread apart a nice distance, with a nice work space in the middle.  There is a good balance of upper and lower cabinets, which allows for the specific types of storage for all the kitchen needs.  And, you can tell that attention was placed on using all the space efficiently  – the storage shelves located in the island are a nice addition.

What’s your favorite element of this kitchen?

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