Earthy Accessories for a Modern Kitchen

If you’re wanting to create that earthy/modern vibe in your own kitchen, without any renovations, here’s 5 budget-friendly options that might just do the trick.  Pick one or add all 5!

Earthy Accessories for a Modern Kitchen |


Do you have a favorite way to add that rustic charm to a kitchen…what did I miss?

I’ll be back here tomorrow sharing pics of my new rental house…the before pictures.  It’s come a long way in just two weeks, but still has so far to go!

SOURCES (from left to right):

RUGS:Toast Wool Kilim from Cost Plus, Linen & Burnt Orange Rug from CB2, Radiante Rug from RugsUSA, Vera Tile Printed Rug from Pottery Barn, Costa Geo Printed Runner from Urban Outfitters

LIGHTS: Jasper Mini Pendant from 1-800-Lighting | Wood Floral Ceiling Pendant | Bodega Bay Light from Destination Lighting |Hand Turned striped Pendant Fire Satin Pendant from LampsPlus |

ART: Light Wood Wall Art from West Elm | Grand Canyon Sunrise Photograph | Desert Cactus Photograph | Baja Cliff Watercolor |Lands End Painting from Serena & Lily

PLANTERS: Handmade Ceramic Planter from Etsy | Stoneware Garden Pot | Blue Striped Ceramic Pots | Trio of Ceramic Pots | Blue Ceramic Bowl Planter from CB2

SHELVES: Reclaimed Wood Shelves from West Elm

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12 Ways to Create an Earthy & Modern Kitchen

I love the juxtaposition of modern & earthy elements in the Room of the Week.

The earthly flooring and rustic dining table and chairs next to the modern white cabinets creates an interesting balance between two very separate design ideas.  I’ve been seeing this juxtaposition a lot lately as people look for both warmth and function in their kitchens.  Here are 12 ways to get that same feeling in your own kitchen.

12 Ways to to Create an Earthy & Modern Kitchen |

Of course not all of us have the budget or timeline to make big changes like these….come back tomorrow for smaller budget-friendly tips and tricks.


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A Whole-House Color Palette

One of the tricks that makes model-homes so inviting to home buyers is the strong color palette carried through every room of the house.  A lot of planning goes into deciding and using that color palette in unique ways throughout the house so buyers see the charms of each room individually and the house as a whole.

You can use this trick too to make your home feel connected and cohesive.  The Room of the Week is actually part of a house that demonstrates exactly how to do this in a real home (rather than a model-home).  Let’s take a look….

A Coral & Gray Whole House Color Palette | www.theanatomyofdesign.comDo you have one color palette, or use an accent color to tie all the rooms in your home together?  I know I throw blue into every color in my house…

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A Farmhouse Table for Every Style

One of my favorite things in the Room of the Week is the gorgeous farmhouse-style table right in the center.  I can just imagine the family gathering here for family dinners, and special occasions and even just after the kids get home from school for a snack and homework.  The worn wood and simple metal chairs are low-maintenance and give a casual feeling to the kitchen.

Even if you don’t have the same kitchen layout in your home, you can achieve a similar casual feeling using the farmhouse table/metal chair combo no matter what your style is.  Here is the combo in four different styles.

A Farmhouse Table for Every Style |

Anyone have an eat-in kitchen?  Or a farmhouse table they love…maybe a source to share with everyone?


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Room of the Week: A Charming Eat-in Kitchen

I know I keep saying I am back and ready to blog again after our cross-country move, but this week I actually mean it! I’m back sharing the most darling eat-in kitchen designed by Clayton & Little Architects.  This kitchen uses many design elements that I just love and can be translated into so many different types of design styles. Let’s dive right in and check out this kitchen!
A Charming Eat-in Kitchen | www.theanatomyofdesign.comWhat’s your favorite part of this room?  I’m looking forward to talking about it all week.  Thanks for sticking around while I got settled!

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