The Anatomy of a Shelfie

One of my favorite “moments”  in the Room of the Week is the carefully curated bookshelves on either side of the sofa.  They aren’t the star of the room, but definitely a supporting element that really is the cherry on top.

Rachel Reider InteriorsFilling shelves like these, especially when there are so many can be daunting, and expensive!  But, there are 5 simple lessons I learned from studying these styled shelves that can be applied to almost any bookshelf.

THEANATOMYOFASHELFIEHonestly, styling a bookshelf just takes practice.  So shop your house for books and accessories and put these lessons to the test!

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The Anatomy of a Saturated Living Room

I’m craving saturated color these days. As the leaves change, and the days darken I gravitate toward colors that suggest warmth and coziness.  So, when I discovered the portfolio of designer Rachel Reider I knew I wanted to share her work here with you.  I hope the fantastic use of color in this Room of the Week inspires you this season!

The Anatomy of a Saturated Living Room | www.theanatomyofdesign.comDoes the changing season make you gravitate to new color choices in your home?

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