Grocery Store Thanksgiving Table Decor

I’m hosting Thanksgiving Dinner again this year, my third in a row, which I love!  I love gathering supplies to create a pretty table and gathering recipes for the big meal, and gathering my family and friends together in my home.  As I was looking for inspiration I noticed a trend this year…all you need for a pretty table is a visit to the grocery store.  Here are some of my favorite tables from around the internet!

thanksgiving tablescapeFirst up…sometimes a simple grouping of one item makes the biggest impact.  Like the bunches of kale above from Grace at A Storied Style or the bowl of apples below styled by Jennifer at With Heart.

2015-11-02 12.09.17Add in some flowers, like this uncomplicated grouping a single color of roses in the center of the table designed by Julia of Cuckoo 4 Design.  Surrounded by pomegranates and cranberries these coral roses creates a gorgeous focal point that’s easy to pull off!

Thanksgiving Table Setting - Cuckoo4DesignIf you want to get a little bit fancier mix flowers, fruits and vegetables like the table below from A Thoughtful Place.  Also…how clever are those vintage drawer pulls used as napkin rings!

pink thanksgiving tableHead down the bread and cheese aisle to make a pretty (and edible) centerpiece.  They look beautiful casually piled together…a feast for the senses. Fall Tablescape Ideas - The Inspired RoomLooking for a simple way to display, without needing a vase or pedestal..check out this post by Design Mom for putting together a no-fail centerpiece with items all purchased form the grocery store…plus it can be easily customized for your budget and table size.

how-to-make-a-thanksgiving-centerpiece 10

And, for my favorite DIY I plan to use for my own table…this faux wooden box designed by Erin of Earnest Home Company.  I adore her blog and this DIY!

faux wood box centerpieceI plan on filling my box with none other than fruits and veggies of course!  Here’s a peek at what I’ve gathered for my own table so far.

Thanksgiving Table Inspiration |

I’m so predictable with my color palette!  But, when you only buy orange blue and white that is what you use for every holiday!  I’ll share my table…well tables (one for the kids) next week.  Have a great weekend!

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Setting the Thanksgiving Table: Stunning & Simple

We had our second Thanksgiving dinner at the beautiful home of some very gracious friends.  Her dinner table was so lovely I had to get a photo.mhouse3She used a very simple palette and kept everything symmetrically balanced around that gorgeous flower focal point for a very stunning effect.  Don’t you think it’s a great formula for setting a pretty table anytime of the year?

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I’ll be back Monday with a brand new Room of the Week.

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The Anatomy of a Simple Thanksgiving Table

We’re celebrating a little early this week and having our Thanksgiving dinner today to accommodate some traveling family members.  So, I am busy in the kitchen and the dining room getting everything ready.  I hope you enjoyed the focus on dining rooms this month and I am sure you have been busy thinking about getting yours set for this week’s feasting.  This week’s posts will be a mash-up of a few things because I am spending time with my family.

To start just a simple post about decorating your Thanksgiving table using the tried and true principles of design. I love this Thanksgiving table put together in 2011 by Melanie Blodgett, the blogger behind You are My Fave.  It’s a great example of using simple materials and design principles to create a simple, but stunning, Thanksgiving table.

the-anatomy-of-a-thanksgiving-table copyI hope this gives you the inspiration and confidence to put together your own beautiful holiday table.  I’ll share snippets of mine tomorrow!
Off to cook a turkey (wish me luck…it scares me a little!).

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Setting the Thanksgiving Table: Family-Friendly & Formal

Growing up our Thanksgiving dinners were very focused on food and family and not on the decor…and I have the most fantastic memories of them.  But, I think you can easily incorporate family-friendly decor into the mix in simple ways that will elevate the entire occasion.  Just like the designer of the Room of the Week designed the room around the chandelier, I let it also be the inspiration for my fictitious table setting. black-and-blue-thanksgiving copySOURCES: Milk Glass Compote | Milk Glass Butter Dish | Azurite Candlesticks | Square Black Dinner Plate | White & Black Napkin | Chalkboard Napkin Ring | Modern Cornucopia | Grown-up Glass | Kid-Table Glass | Printable Tablecloth | Stoneware Bowl

There’s no need to go to great lengths and costs to set a lovely table.  I started with a grouping of vintage blue milk-glass  down the center of the table…perhaps you also have a pretty collection of something that would look lovely grouped together as a centerpiece? It would be especially nice if you had a collection that has been given to you from another family member…a great way to share memories with your own children. Colorful glasses from Ikea in the color palette both look pretty and are kid-friendly prices.  Get the kids to help set the table…they can write the names of the guests on those chalkboard napkin rings.  The inexpensive and printable Thanksgiving tablecloth will keep them engaged while the adults scramble to finish those last-minute dinner details.  And, while I don’t think you should spend a lot of money decorating the table (the meal is expensive enough), it is the perfect time of year to buy one special heirloom item, like this beautiful vegetable bowl from Heath Ceramics.

Do you have special dishes you use just for the Thanksgiving meal?

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Setting the Thanksgiving Table: For a Buffet

When I first saw the Room of the Week I was instantly drawn to the long stretch of countertop on the left side of the room.  I could envision it all set-up for a buffet-style Thanksgiving dinner…something for a more casual gathering of family, but still with lots of pretty serving pieces.   So, I’ve created my version here today. I kept everything to the color palette set by the room already, added a touch of sparkle and some doses of pattern to play off the patterned tile backsplash behind the stove. Hope you like it!

SET-A-BUFFET-STYLE-TABLE copySOURCES: Twig Lights | Silver Vase | Acacia Olive Boat | Gray Patterned Server | Walnut Serving Tray | Gray Linen Napkin | Silver Napkin Ring | Wood Tier Cake Stand | Polka Dot Accent Plate | Patterned Table Runner

How do you set-up your Thanksgiving dinner? Do you pass everything around a giant table, or do you go the buffet-style route?

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