Traditional Details | With a Modern Twist

Just a quick post today!

At first glance the Room of the Week looks like a traditionally styled room, but upon closer inspection you can see so many modern touches.  The juxtaposition of the modern and traditional elements makes the room exciting and very appealing.  Here are a few of my favorite traditional with a twist details in the room.

traditionaldetailsmoderntwist copyDo you follow a single style in your home?  Or do you like a mix?

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Piece de Resistance: Metal Wall Art for Every Style

I love the spectacular wall art in the Room of the Week

It’s sculptural quality, shining color, large-scale and prominent location give it an extra strong presence in the room.  Metal wall art like this was much more common 50 years ago, but it’s making a come-back, and there are options for every style.  Here are a few of my current favorites…a few are less than $100…that’s a lot of art for a small price.

metalwallartforanystyle copySOURCES:
ONE: Art | Wall Color | Bench  TWO: Art | Wall Color | Bench  THREE: Art | Wall Color | Bench  FOUR: Art | Wall Color | Bench FIVE: Art | Wall Color | Bench  SIX: Art | Wall Color | Bench  SEVEN: Art | Wall Color | Bench

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The Anatomy of a Traditional, Modern Living Room

I hope you had a good weekend!  We spent lots of time outside enjoying the gorgeous summer-like weather…I know it’s not going to last much longer.

I’ve been eyeing the rooms designed by Redmond Aldrich for years, since I first saw one of their rooms in Domino Magazine, and I’m excited to share this pretty and traditional space, with a modern touch. I hope you enjoy it…I’m really inspired by all the golden and brown tones in the room.

theanatomyofaboldtraditionallivingroom copyCan’t wait to share more about this room!  See ya back here tomorrow.500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

Housekeeping: A Dresser Makeover

Last year I found this dresser  made by Kent Coffey at Goodwill. I lost the before photos of my dresser when I switched phones a few months ago…but it looked like this, but less shiny, and covered in scratches and deep gouges.

dresserbefore copy

I knew I could never sand out the gouges on top of the dresser smooth enough to just refinish the dresser; I knew the piece had to be painted.  It sat in my bedroom for months while I waited for inspiration to hit…and then I got a Williams Sonoma Home catalog in the mail, and saw this beautiful desk. It’s proportions were similar to my dresser and I loved the subtle sheen of the finish.

wsdresser copy

I followed the advice of Mandi of Vintage Revivals to get the smoothest painted finish I could find, and finished with a coat of wax, using this tutorial from Vintage Storehouse. And, here she is!

dresserafter copyAnd, here  is the dresser styled pretty in my bedroom.

dresserstyledSo happy with how it turned out!  Now…to pick a paint color(you can see my swatches on the wall) and finally get my room painted!  I’ll be sharing some tips for styling a dresser on Instagram today if you’re interested!

Have a great weekend!

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Luxurious Details | Minimal Prices

So many small details in the Room of the Week all work together to create a gorgeous room that is both functional and stylish. The large swaths of luxurious marble, shiny copper accents, perfectly aligned cabinetry,  and the ceiling-height tile backsplash all showcase quality workmanship and materials.  However, if you would like the same look there are many options at every price point for similar materials that provide the same luxurious impact…here’s how I would put together a similar kitchen on a budget.

luxuriousdetailsminimalprices copy

SOURCES: Brass Pot Rack | Copper Faucet | Copper Measuring Cups | Calcutta Formica | Hickory Laminate | Double Farmhouse Sink | White Subway Tile | Blue Mason Jars

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