What’s your Dining Room Style?

Just popping in on this freezing Friday (I hope it’s warmer wherever you live!) for a fun final party prep post this week.

Dining tables and chairs make a huge impact on the style of the room because of their size.  And, if you want to carry that style into your party planning take cues from their lines, shapes and colors to create a tabletop that really showcases what you love most about your design style.  I’m featuring 6 gorgeous dining room tables and chairs in different styles to show you how it works!

All of this gorgeous furniture comes from Dutchcrafters, a company that sells only Amish-made furniture…who knew it came in so many styles?!

I hope this post helps you think about how you can use the style of your dining room furniture to create the perfect tabletop design!

dutchcraftersdiningstyle copySOURCES:
Contemporary: Chair | Table | Plate | Napkin | Flatware | Table Runner Vase
Mid-century: Chair | Table | Plate | Napkin | FlatwareTable Runner | Candlesticks
Eclectic: Chair | Table | Plate | Napkin | Flatware | Table Runner | Vase
Asian: Chair | Table | Plate | Napkin | Flatware | Table Runner | Vase
Art Deco: Chair | Table | Plate | Napkin | Flatware | Table Runner | Cup
Transitional: Chair | Table | Plate | Napkin | Flatware | Table RunnerGlass Decanter


Dutchcrafters also sells dining room tables and chairs in more traditional, country, queen anne, shaker, rustic and mission styles…check their website for their amazingly diverse selection!  And, if you’re unsure which style you like, check out their page on furniture styles or their guide to picking the perfect dining room chair.

Posting will be sporadic next week as our family arrives to celebrate Thanksgiving, but I will be posting last-minute party prep ideas on Instagram if you’re interested!  Thanks for reading!

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10 Thanksgiving Tabletop Ideas

I can’t lie, setting the table for Thanksgiving dinner next week will definitely be my favorite part of preparing dinner.  Just for fun, I pulled out all my plates and accessories and tablecloths and rolls of wrapping paper and gave myself an hour to see how many tabletop ideas I could pull together.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI don’t own anything very fancy…most of my accessories come from thrift stores.  I tried to create different moods and feelings with each tabletop.  I can’t decide which one I’ll actually use next Thursday!

10 tabletop ideas copyHave a favorite?  I’m kinda loving the black chalkboard runner I picked up from Target a few months ago, and that floral wrapping paper makes bright background!

I’ll be back tomorrow with one last party prep post to inspire you before I take a Thanksgiving blog break.

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Party Prep: 5 Fast & Festive Centerpieces

I try to make sure that the furniture and accessories I feature on my blog are easily accessible…which means they aren’t too expensive and are easily found and purchased.  So, I thought it would be fun to put together some fast and festive centerpiece ideas you can easily put together using only items from Target and Amazon, both places almost everyone can access (this is not a sponsored post…just love and use both of these shops regularly).

Each of these scenarios is made up of three layers MAX, and shouldn’t cost you more than $30 to pull off.  I hope this inspires you to create something lovely for your own table!

5quicktabletops copy

5 Fast & Festive Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas | http://www.theanatomyofdesign.com


Do you have a favorite spot to shop for holiday tableware or decor?

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Party Prep: Preparing a Thanksgiving Buffet Table

Happy Monday Friends!  My posts are going to be simple and sweet this week as I prepare for Thanksgiving next week.  Which is what we’ll be talking about all this week…prepping for the big party!  First up, here’s a few tips for setting up your Thanksgiving table, buffet style.  At our house our dining table isn’t big enough for serving food and eating, so we set-up a buffet table out of necessity.

When it comes down to it a buffet table is only stylish if it’s both functional and pretty.  Helping your guests grab what they need (without worrying about making a mess), easily identify what they want to put on their plate, and make it quickly around the table and to their seat before their food gets cold is key to creating a successful buffet.  Here are a few tips to help you make that happen!

Prepping for a Thanksgiving Buffet STyle copySOURCES: ONE | TWO | THREE | FOUR | FIVE | SIX | SEVEN | EIGHT

Any tips to add?  I’d love to hear!

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Party Prep: A Fall Dinner Party

It time to set the Room of the Week up for a party…such a pretty (and functional) space to set-up for a small dinner party.  The blue and cream color palette already in the room is the perfect place to start, an I am going to layer in glamorous touches (sparkly metals and a deep rich red color) and comfortable details (vintage brass cups, wrinkly linen and casual flowers).

Here’s a little peek into my vision for a party set in this room.grandcomfortabletablesetting copySOURCES: Swedish Garden Floral Platter | Blue Belgian Linen Tablecloth | Embossed Wrought Iron Tray | Blue Tripod Dish | Brass VasesBrass TeacupsMercury Glass Votives | Stainless Steel Flatware | Ivory Dinner Plates | Blue Salad Plates | Blue Floral Bowls | Wine Colored Dinner Napkins | Ebony Olive Tray

Sometimes you just need a starting point when you’re prepping for a party and mine was that gorgeous floral tray.  Hope you like it!  Have a great weekend!  See you back here Monday…I’m mixing things up next week..it’s all about party prep!

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy