A Formula for the Perfect Breakfast Nook

My favorite part of the Room of the Week is the breakfast nook at one end.  Even though it’s not built-in it has that custom feel.  Add in that beautiful patterned fabric on the chairs, the pretty leaning artwork, and the chalkboard on the wall and this space is interesting and inviting and the perfect spot to share a meal.

Built-in cabinetry and benches can be costly, so if you are looking for that built-in look without that expense or labor, take some cues from this room.Lessons from the Perfect Breakfast Nook  | www.theanatomyofdesign.com

Nicole, the brilliant designer behind this kitchen actually purchased those dressers secondhand and refinished them for this spot…aren’t they the perfect fit?!

Here are a few more examples using the Room of the Week as my guide and formula for creating the perfect breakfast nook.

A Formula for the Perfect "Built-In" Breakfast Nook | www.theanatomyofdesign.com

I’ll be back tomorrow with the more lessons to learn from this gorgeous kitchen.

ONE (via Ballard Designs): dresser | bench | dining table | dining chairs | pendant lighting
TWO (via EQ3): dresser | bench | dining table | dining chairs | pendant lighting | candlesticks
THREE (via Wayfair): dresser | bench | dining table | dining chairs | pendant lighting


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The Anatomy of a Kitchen from House Diaries

For the Month of march I thought it would be fun to share rooms designed by some of my favorite bloggers.  And, as a fun surprise each week we’ll hear directly from the blogger about the design decisions that went into the room.

First up, the gorgeous kitchen from Nicole at The House Diaries.  I’ve come back to study the before and after pictures of this kitchen on Nicole’s blog so many times.  She has created a perfect mix of traditional and eclectic details I just can’t get enough of.

I can’t wait to hear from Nicole later in the week…but for now, here’s my take on why this room works so well.

The Anatomy of a Traditional Kitchen with Eclectic Details | www.theanatomyofdesign.comWhat’s your favorite detail in the kitchen?  Can’t wait to show you more tomorrow.

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A Painted Lampshade

Just popping in between working on client projects and projects for my own house to show you a little project I tackled this week.  As I’ve been working on my daughter’s room I knew I wanted a fun patterned lampshade for one of the lamps in her room.  When we settled on the plan for the room I knew I wanted to carry the pretty floral pattern I was using for a throw pillow onto the lampshade.

Blossom Print  Fabric by the Yard - MultiBut!  I didn’t want to spend another $40 on a yard of fabric to make that happen.  So, I decided I would try to paint the pattern directly onto the shade.  I took the fabric to Michaels and bought acrylic craft paint to match.

My first step was to paint the base colors on the shade…my daughter helped a lot with this part of the project as there wasn’t really a way to mess it up.  This was the point in the process where I was SURE I had just ruined a perfectly good lampshade. Oh dear.

lampshadefirststepOnce I started layering on the simple white curved brushstrokes to make the abstract flowers I was a little more convinced it was going to turn out well.

lampshademiddleHere is the lampshade finished and sitting pretty in the room!

lampshadefinalIt’s fun to have the pillow and lampshade coordinate and was a pretty painless project (i.e. it cost about $6 and two hours of my time).  I just have more detail to finish before I debut my daughters room…hopefully next week!

I hope you have a great weekend!

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Add a Little Creative Tension

One of my favorite details from the Room of the Week is the gorgeous modern chandelier.  I love the contrast of the modern lines and metallic finish with the more traditional warm colors, fabrics and shapes.  A bit of creative tension can really take a room from sweet to stunning, and light fixtures are the perfect way to do it.

Here are 7 mostly traditional rooms with creative tension brought in through a great modern light fixture.

creativetension copyThere are so many unique light fixtures on the market today, which make adding great modern lighting to your bedroom fairly easy.  Join me on Instagram today where I’ll be sharing some of my favorite modern chandeliers for a traditional space.


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A Formula for A Patterned ( but not busy ) Bedroom

The Master Bedroom Room of the Week is the perfect amount of pattern and neutral colors with a bold accent.

It offers the perfect formula if you are trying to create a similar mood in your own space.

A Formula for a Patterned Bedroom | www.theanatomyofdesign.comIf you love a pattern, but want a calm place to sleep, this formula might work for you!  I’d love to know if you give it a try!

ONE: Drapery | Bedding | Throw Pillow
TWO: Drapery | Bedding | Throw Pillow
THREE: Drapery | Bedding | Throw Pillow
FOUR: Drapery | Bedding | Throw Pillow
FIVE: Drapery | Bedding | Throw Pillow
SIX: Drapery | Bedding | Throw Pillow

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