An Interview with House of Jade Interiors

I hope you’ve enjoyed the bright basement Room of the Week and found inspiration if you have your own basement family room.  I know I feel re-motivated to finish projects I started long ago in my own basement.

Just as I have the past few weeks I sent the designers behind House of Jade Interiors, some questions about the room and they were kind enough to share their answers along with some great tips and tricks.  I hope you enjoy the interview!interviewwithhouseofjadeinteriors copyThanks for stopping by and reading!  500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

Coffee Tables With Storage

One of my favorite things about Room of the Week is the absence of clutter…despite it being the family room.  It’s probably partly due to the coffee table made from four lidded ottomans.

They add tons of color, can be easily moved, and provide lots of simple storage for things like blankets, remotes and toys that are all enjoyed in family rooms, but aren’t necessarily all that lovely to display.

If your family room feels cluttered or unkempt try adding storage with your coffee table.  Here are 13 fun and functional finds to fit your family room style.

Coffee Tables with Storage: 13 Functional Finds for Every Style |

I’ve walked by those orange lidded ottomans from Target and almost put them in my cart more times than I can count! I should just buy them already, because our family room basement definitely needs some more storage, and these would also be a fun bright spot in the room.


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Exciting Complimentary Color Combos

One of my favorite things about the Room of the Week is the way the designers combined colors in the throw pillows to create color palette that is both pleasing and exciting.

Those hot oranges combined with that light cool blue is a color palette that is really fun for this basement family room.  You can use this hot + cool complimentary color formula to create your own exciting complimentary color palette.

Here are 6 complimentary colors ideas that will work together to create beautiful color palettes!Exciting Complimentary Color Combos |

I’m loving that maroon & citrine mix.  Which color palette do you like most?

ONE (left to right): Tangerine Feather Pillow | Multi-colored Triangle Pillow | Turquoise Diamond PillowTurquoise Aztec Print Pillow | Solid Tangerine Pillow
TWO (left to right): Solid Pumpkin Orange Pillow | Solid Icy Blue Pillow | Chiang Mai Dragon Pillow
THREE (left to right):Solid Lemon Yellow Pillow | Lavender Suzani Pillow | Yellow Ampersand Pillow | Lavender Diamond Pillow
FOUR (left to right): Magenta Ikat Pillow | Solid Magenta Pillow | Butter Yellow Check Pillow | Solid Butter Yellow Pillow
FIVE (left to right): Solid Citrine Pillow | Maroon Ikat Pillow | Maroon & Citrine Floral Pillow | Solid Maroon Pillow | Citrine Feather Pillow
SIX (left to right):Solid Olive Green Pillow | Solid Red Pillow | Abstract Pillow | Red Dahlia Pillow
SOFA: West Elm

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The Anatomy of a Bright Basement

Anyone else have a dark basement in their house?  Even though I’ve attempted to brighten up my dark basement it still isn’t as bright and inviting as I would like.  But, the lovely Room of the Week designed by the lovely designers behind House of Jade Interiors, is both bright and inviting and offers so many tips we can all implement into our own dark basements.  Let’s take a closer look!

The Anatomy of a Bright Bold Basement | www.theanatomyofdesign.comI hope you enjoy this fun room…I’ll be back tomorrow to share some of my favorite details in the room.

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An Interview with Lindsay Speace

I can’t wait to share with you my interview with the talented designer behind the Room of the Week this week.  I learned so much just from studying the room, but Lindsay offers so much additional great advice I just know you’re going to love.  Let’s jump straight into the interview…no reason to delay!interviewwithlindsayspeace copyFear-free rooms…I love that idea.  And, raise your hand if you wish you still had all those National Geographic magazines from when you were growing up.  Such a great way to add bold color.

I hope you enjoyed this interview!  If you want to hear more from Lindsay, head to her blog…it’s a great daily read.500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy